The Goal

To produce a range of booklets that not only rely on a high visual impact, but also adds a sensory element by utilising unique textured stocks for an extra wow factor.

The Process

While the graphic designers at Superdry were busy on the content, a range of swatch books were fanned through with a short list discussed in depth with ourselves to ensure a quality finish would be achieved. Once the desired stocks had been chosen and the page count finalised, we went about creating a mock-up using the stocks in question. This is not only imperative to ensure the customer is happy with the look, feel and finish but as with any perfect bound book it is vital that the spine is measured and then the cover artwork is modified accordingly. Once the artwork had been signed off and supplied to us as print ready files, we set to work with the print runs. The great advantage of a digital press is that the print comes off the machine dry, which allows us to engage in the finishing process straight away. The necessary creasing, folding, trimming and glueing was conducted seamlessly and we were able to deliver the finished books on schedule – as usual.

The Result

The importance of a well chosen stock often gets overlooked, which is a shame because a special texture or paper mix can really make a product stand out. Combine that with a paper impregnated with Venetian algae for example and the project really becomes a topic of conversation in it’s own right. Another great advantage of a specialist stock is how it becomes an integral part of the overall design allowing a less cluttered design to really pop.

The books looked fantastic and the combination of well designed artwork, specialist stocks and cutting edge print technology created something that genuinely demands attention and is difficult to put down.

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Services Utilised

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