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Large Format Flat Bed Print

Posters... check.
Roller banners... check
Vehicle Graphics... check
Graphics the height of Nelson’s column... Umm, Check!

Whether you are looking for a simple poster for your home, vehicle graphics for your company fleet or an eye popping display for an upcoming exhibition. We have you covered.

Flexibility to Deliver

This is a side of the business that really gets interesting due to the sheer variety of products we produce on a daily basis. We can be producing a 6 foot contour cut standee for a party one minute and then printing hundreds of A1 construction site warning signs the next. Having taken on two other local companies within the last 2 years, we have refined our workflow to a fine art. Using a combination of a 2.5 metre wide flat bed UV printer capable of printing onto substrates as thick as 70mm and an arsenal of 1.6 metre wide photo grade roll fed printers, we have the ability to quickly and easily produce anything you or your business could require.

Substrates & cutting

Producing such a wide range of products requires a huge variety of substrates which is in part why late last year we moved our entire large format operation into a custom designed facility adjoining the main Typecraft office. We now have enough space to house the sizeable machinery and store all the substrates in a well-organised fashion, allowing us to keep a much closer eye on stock levels. From simple vinyl for custom cut stickers, to 3mm thick composite aluminium for external plaques and signage, 5mm polished edged acrylic for door signs to fabric for 2m high exhibition flags. The choices are endless.

Trimming and cutting is taken care of by a 2.5 metre wide flat bed plotter and three vinyl cutters allowing you to be unencumbered by creativity – any shape or size is possible. It also allows us to produce things very quickly – that last minute roller banner you need for the exhibition on the weekend has just become one less thing to worry about.

Large Format services at a glance:

  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Exhibition Systems
  • Roll up banner stands
  • Pop up stands
  • Posters
  • Shop/Office graphics
  • Interior and Exterior Banners
  • Point of sales material
  • Flags
  • Strut cards
  • Graphic Installation
  • and much more
Large Format print

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Want to find out more?

We understand that a lot of printing terms are hard to understand so feel free to give us a call today on 01242 518191 to speak to one of our experts. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected].