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The Goal

To quickly and easily produce attractive packaging for a range of face masks totalling 7,000 across 50+ types.

The Process

While the artwork was initially supplied to us, it was incomplete and in need of some tweaks and additions such as size and wording adjustment and adding barcodes to all 50+ variants. A glue tab had to be added to the artwork in order to facilitate sticking during the final steps of finishing.  Once we had catalogued the artwork with unique references and corresponding quantities the files were passed onto our digital print team. Printing in batches to ensure all the types stay separate was of importance, it also allowed a team of finishers to trim, fold, stick, sort and pack in an organised fashion while the next batch were already in production. The finishing involves applying adhesive tape to a small flap and sticking the two sides together which in turn creates a sleeve. This process is done by hand to ensure quality control is maintained.

The Result

We think these look great, and clearly we are not the only ones as they sell truck loads! The face mask sleeves are an ever present within our facility with regular batches ordered to keep up with the ever increasing demand. We have been working with the lovely folks at La De Da living for the last 18 months and are always happy to help with these and the various other projects that we help them out with.

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Face Mask Sleeves

Services Utilised

  • Digital Print
  • Hand Makeup
  • Artwork

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