As it’s National Apprenticeship Week (9th – 15th March), I thought it would be a fitting idea to give an insight into my experiences and role as an apprentice at Typecraft.

Before I launch into the nitty gritty of things, I want to give you a little background information about me. I (Becky) am aged 20, and before starting at Typecraft I had just finished an Art Foundation Degree alongside working in a small gift shop. Throughout my education I received good grades but didn’t feel that university was necessarily right for me, which is when I considered an apprenticeship, and this is where the story starts.

I’ve been at Typecraft since October 2014, so a fair few months now. My role within Typecraft is, ‘Marketing Assistant’, which has entailed a variety of jobs, such as managing social media platforms (yes it’s me that mumbles on twitter all the time). I have also been able to encompass my creative skills throughout blogs, email footers, eshots, marketing campaigns and organising fundraising events for our chosen charity of the year WellChild. Not to mention learning about the vast world of print too.

Alongside my working days at Typecraft I have to attend college once a week, which will help me achieve my Level 3 NVQ in Marketing and Technical Certificate.

Being surrounded by such a diverse environment I am constantly learning new skills and enhancing old ones. It’s ultimately developing me as a person and has allowed me to build upon my creative skills within a business environment. I am extremely happy that I decided to choose to pursue a path as an apprentice and it has been more than I ever expected. I would totally recommend apprenticeships in general to businesses and for young people who aren’t sure university is quite right for them.


If this blog has interested you as a prospective apprentice or an employer and have a few questions we would happily help.

You can send your questions to me, the apprentice at: [email protected] , or our director at: [email protected].