Our sponsored jockey, Harry Stock recently featured in a great article written by the Gloucestershire Echo. It tells the story of Harry’s life-threatening fall whilst training on his horse, Hills of Dubai.

Harry suffered from a broken back, which resulted in eight screws and two rods having to be inserted into his spine. He was fortunate not to have been struck with paralysis – as the late JT McNamara suffered a similar fall at the 2013 Cheltenham Festival.

The fall happened in January 2015 at a pivotal point in Harry’s career. It left him confined to his family home near Broadway, whilst his fellow jockeys excelled in the field. After surgery in March to have his metalwork removed it allowed him to get back in the saddle after 16 months without sitting on a horse!

Harry says…”What I must remember is that it’ll take time. I’ve been told in hospital the fall will make me weaker, I could be more at risk of breaking my back again. ”

Everyone here at Typecraft is very pleased that Harry’s made a great recovery and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!

You can read more about Harry’s story here… www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/jockey-who-broke-his-back